An issues management plan is your map to effectively navigate the storm on the horizon. Crisis management draws on experience to keep your organisation from going under once the storm has hit. Ellis Jones offers services for both.

We bring our deep sector insights to work with organisations to understand the risks, mitigate what we can, and prepare to manage what we can’t. For organisations in a crisis, we provide advice to deliver a path way out.

A strong issues management plan will prevent the escalation of issues to a level of crisis, at which point they can have a serious impact on the business.

Our issues and crisis management services comprise:

  • Strategy; issues management plans and approach.
  • Spokespeople; training and services
  • Infrastructure; tools and channels.
  • Processes; steps for implementing issues management plans.
  • People; internal and external stakeholders with expertise to engage during an issue or crisis.
  • Governance; standards and compliance methods.
  • Reporting; monitoring and measurement.

Ensuring your spokespeople are prepared to speak with media during a crisis is essential. Our media training prepares you for the questions you don’t want to face.

Ensure your business is prepared for the unexpected.

We have worked with: Ego Pharmaceuticals.

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