Media training is insurance. It prepares you to respond on the hop, authentically and responsibly, to hard questions, made even harder once the stress of a crisis takes hold. It’s a critical component of issues management, but also a fundamental part of representing an organisation, and being an effective voice in public debate.

Our media training prepares client spokespeople to face the media with confidence. Guided by experienced journalists and our senior consultants, media training provides the nous to deftly intervene in public debate, and manage issues, and respond well in a crisis.

Our consultants have worked for and with various media outlets to create and inform the narratives they tell. We shape stories to deliver measurable social impact and we prepare our clients to tell their stories to the media with confidence.

Our approach:

  • Understand the daily media cycle and objectives of media outlets.
  • Develop interview skills; identify different message forms for different media channels.
  • Learn how to ‘stay on message’, understand journalistic tricks, body language and voice.
  • Take part in one-on-one radio and television interviews, to ensure your readiness.

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