To be an effective public relations agency, you must be aware.

Media relations is not actually about the media. It’s about readers, viewers and listeners – what they think and feel, want to know, and how to influence their decisions.

We know how to capitalise on news agendas, to move social followings, and to influence debate. Using a mix of both traditional and new media, we ensure our clients are heard and followed.

Our expert consultants have strong media knowledge and networks, and are personally known to editors and journalists in suburban, industry and mainstream press, as well as bloggers and social media influencers.

Through our public and media relations services, your brand or position emerges in the minds of your audiences. You become known.

We help clients to:

  • Create media opportunities, finding the intriguing stories and visuals to grab the attention of media and their audiences.
  • Build newsworthy content including media releases, picture and interview opportunities, media alerts, backgrounders and briefings.
  • Incorporate efficiency into media relations. We speak to journalists often, understand what makes a good pitch and know what stories are more likely to jump through the editorial hoops.
  • Educate marketing, sales and business development teams about what represents newsworthy content and why it is important.
  • Adapt to the needs of leaner editorial teams and 24 hour new cycles.
  • Feel confident during interviews with dedicated media training services.
  • Communicate their social purpose through engaging narratives and case studies.

We forge relationships with the media so you can feel confident that your story is heard.

We have worked with: City of Melbourne, Federation Training, Sotheby’s and Probiotec.

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