Diversity; openess; freedom of expression, and a unique cultural flair – Midsumma captures all the qualities that make Melbourne great.

As major event sponsor and producing partner, the City of Melbourne has enjoyed being part of the rise of this great festival, as it has gone from strength to strength. Midsumma is now recognised internationally as one of the world’s top five festivals of queer arts and culture – that’s a major achievement many years in the making.

On the 24th of November Melbourne experienced one of its best stand-alone arts festivals. As a vehicle for celebration, expression, confidence and solidarity among the city’s gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-sexual communities, the richness of this event is unparalleled.

But the party is not over yet.

In 2011, Midsumma will unify over 70 different venues across six municipalities, presenting a program that is as diverse as the city that supports it. Staging 150 events ranging from performing to visual arts, community events to joyous dance parties, it’s a star during the carefree summer months.

Councillor Jennfier Kanis encouraged Melburnians to get involved, proclaiming “it’s a chance to be enlightened, express yourselves, and let your hair down. To interstate and international visitors, we offer a warm invitation to our city –make the trip: we’re sure you’ll be glad you did”.

Melbourne has long been a destination for people, from around Australia and the world, in search of enriched and fulfilling lives.  Midsumma delivers with flamboyance to spare! We look forward to January, when Melbourne gets up to the glorious mischief that is Midsumma.

Ellis Jones produces speeches for the City of Melbourne. Learn more about our work with the city here.

image credit: Fedpics