Older consumers marketing using web video.

The internet is ubiquitous. From desktop computers to mobile devices and the ‘internet of things‘, more and more devices are connected to the web, and this is only going to increase. The ubiquity, combined with increasing data speeds, has allowed a diverse range of communication mediums to spread and flourish.

One such medium that has taken full advantage of the proliferation of technology and bandwidth increases is web video.

Gone are the days of waiting forever for that miniature low resolution video to load; full high-definition video is easier than ever to create, edit and disseminate. One only has to look at the popularity of sites such as youtube, vimeo and TED to see the impact video has made on our consumption culture. People are able to communicate directly with viewers and fans with minimal effort and cost.

These developments also have benefits for businesses as they try to engage on a more direct level with their consumers.

By creating video content for a specific target audience, brands are able to develop a stronger emotional connection between their products or services and their brand identity. This means it is easier for and end user to connect emotionally to a product or service, thereby strengthening brand perception and understanding among viewers, increasing brand advocacy and loyalty.

In particular, more older adults are embracing web video content as a way to source information.

With the axing of community television, the demise of the printed newspaper and the ever increasing commercialisation of free-to-air TV, older people who once relied on traditional forms of media are increasingly turning to the internet for their information, embracing web video at an increasing rate.

“People 50 to 64 years old watched an average of 19 minutes a day of digital video during the second quarter of 2014, up from 11 minutes a day during the same period last year.”
– Nielsen

Many businesses who target older people are adopting web video as a means to increase their brand awareness and develop meaningful relationships with their consumers. A good example of this engagement strategy is a recent video created by Manor Court Aged Care. The video allows potential customers to get a greater insight into the lifestyle and people at Manor Court, creating a intimate relationship between the Manor Court brand and its customers.

More and more companies that have previously avoided creating video content due to previous constraints (‘it’s too expensive’, ‘we don’t have the time’, etc.) are embracing web video as a means to create authentic, personal connections with their clients.

If your business relies upon personal engagement and emotional relationships with your clients, we can help.

Our web videos combine film and motion graphics. We capture high definition audio and, although we focus on realism rather than a slick veneer, the production values are high. We can help you storyboard and script a video that flows. And we can do it all at surprisingly affordable pricing.

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