Our response to Covid-19.

Ensuring business continuity

Ellis Jones has completed a business continuity audit and tested our capacity to deliver services under a range of different possible scenarios.

We can confirm our company has the necessary resources, technology, policies and processes in place to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of all contracted services – and additional contracts as they come on-stream.

Our audit assessed:

  1. Exposure to Coronavirus infection now, and the impacts infection of staff would have on our capacity to continue work should infections occur in future.
  2. Technology infrastructure and access in preparation for a prolonged work at home scenario.
  3. Risks for current project continuity in the likelihood of heightened social distancing measures.
  4. Client organisation resilience and the financial impacts that could flow to our company.

The summary of outcomes from this process are:

  • No person on our team has the virus nor are they presenting with symptoms.
  • We have put in place a range of hygiene measures at the company office, communicating the responsibilities of all staff at work and at home.
  • We have put in place a range of social distancing measures. From today, we are limiting all in-person meetings with clients, and transferring these to teleconferences, where appropriate. Our team are adapting their travel arrangements to avoid peak hour travel by public transport, reducing time spent in the office and spaces occupied by large numbers of people.
  • We have the cloud-based technology, mobile devices and staff support to enable working from home for extended periods.
  • We will be contacting clients to discuss changes to projects: what needs to be stopped, what can be evolved and what can be brought forward and started.

Importantly, we are being transparent with our team and emphasising the range of available health and wellbeing support.

Governments and health experts are making announcements. To ensure we are making informed decisions, we have established a monitoring process with senior leadership oversight. We will inform clients and partners if there are changes to how we will operate our business in response to these announcements.

Working together

Ellis Jones’ strengths lie in our experience and existing systems for responding to complex situations at pace, and in contexts where people’s lives are being severely impacted.

State mandated coronavirus measures are required and fully endorsed by our company; however, they are also rapidly impacting businesses and communities.

We are considering the social and economic context of our work, with a focus on maintaining the resilience of client companies and their staff, as well as ours.

The most important thing we can do is continue delivering contracted services to expected standards and performance.

As you make decisions, talk to us. We are stronger together.