Paralysed with terrier.

Don’t judge a book by a cover – Maltese Terriers are out to KILL.

Just when you thought Government had enough challenges to tackle, NSW Local Government Minister Barbara Perry dropped this bombshell: Maltese Terrier on Dog Attack Register.

Forget the Doberman or the Husky, when it comes to deadly canines descended straight from the lupine pack hunters of the cold, dark forests, I now think of the Maltese.

Doesn’t anyone else blanch at the idea of the powerful jaws of this beast crushing bone, sinew and flesh alike in their notorious death grip? I don’t recall seeing the media pick up on the 12 attacks recorded in New South Wales. I can only assume the results of these massacres were so gruesome and featured such a immense loss of life that the reports were rightfully censored from the nightly bulletin.

Or perhaps the miscreant pups are still out there, ready to rend kneecap and ankle alike.

Either way, this is a major challenge for Australian government.

Ellis Jones will continue to monitor the misery and horror of the path of destruction wreaked by the Maltese Terrier.

image credit : Sarah Toma