Print based Marketing Web design.

We’re a small agency and we attract a diverse range of work including Print and marketing web design. Both are relevant for building a the brand for the client, but, they each engage people in a different way.

To create a more successful brand we need to create a strong relationship between digital and printed material.

Both Techniques are relevant today. Utilizing the mediums advantages maximises the impact.

It is important for us to consider the design elements we use to create the correct aesthetic.

Printed media is in high demand and still relevant within the age of digital technology. Printing technology has developed greatly through the industrial age into the modern developing into a highly sophisticated multi-stage process.

With such an immense colour palette, ink finishes and paper the combinations are endless. Each printing job can be tuned exactly to meet the client’s needs, developing designed pixels into a unique output.

Customers are looking for evidence that the concept of sustainability is being adopted root and branch at every level of the organization and throughout corporate supply chains. It is the need to put the principles of sustainability into practice at a grassroots level that presents printers with their most significant challenges and opportunities different design cues

Visual Cues

Surface is obvious difference. The gloss or matt qualities of a page can change the experience of the design drastically. Modern day printing technology allows for accurate, high volume documents – with adjustments to ink, paper, and binding techniques.

Representing colour accurately across screens requires calibration. Screens may also differ in size or proportion. Subtleties deployed o which outline elements Accessibility

Web design has been around for a fraction of the time compared to printed media. It makes perfect sense to employ elements for composition and layout from printed media.



Medium Relationship