Radical transparency.

The interwebs are ablaze with righteous anger directed at Facebook and its stealth data-rustling policies. Face – the image we present to the world; book – a repository of knowledge… you could argue that the name says it all. The social web is making open books of all of us whether we will or no, engaging on any level leaves a mark. In fact, the interwebs are not so much a book, but rather a series of interconnected overhead projectors (ah, quite literally old school – they have interactive whiteboards these days, no?) showing up all our foibles to those who care to look.

In the 1970s the cry was that the personal is the political. In the – what are we calling this decade? – coming years we will see that not only is the personal the professional, but also that the personal is pervasive and the personal is permanent. The one thing that personal is not is private.

Luckily, our little social media agency can help you get your head around it. Call us.

image credit : nate bolt