“I want an employer that is supportive and caring.”

“A good employer values its staff.”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Right now, Ellis Jones is conducting a series of employee focus groups for a Victorian based aged care provider.

During these focus groups, I’ve discovered that there are some fundamental emotional and functional benefits employees seek from an employer, with some important cultural twists.

Yet in the aged care sector, providing employees with a balanced and fulfilling work environment seems increasingly challenging for most providers. In fact attracting and retaining the right employees in the aged care sector has reached a critical point.

The reality is that aged care providers cannot afford not to listen to their employees. It’s no secret that an adequately, skilled and well-qualified workforce is essential to the delivery of quality aged care. Yet the issue remains that securing a strong, committed and loyal workforce in this sector is a struggle.

According to the Aged and Community Services Australia (ACSA), the turnover rate in the aged care sector (at 25 percent) is higher than other sectors, leading to a loss of productivity.

Aged care providers are also hit with higher training costs for services due to training new staff. And although career progression exists in aged care, it’s limited.

But there is hope!
Aged care providers with a strong employee value proposition are in the best position to attract and retain the right employees. These providers not only know what they look for in an employee, they also know who to avoid. These providers are truly engaged with their employees and are likely to have lower staff turnover because they not only understand their staff, they listen and respond.

The beauty of employee engagement is it also discovers the passionate, stand our performers – brand ambassadors; individuals who are inspired by their work, and are only too happy to share a good word about their employer to anyone who is prepared to listen. They may even have a bumper sticker of their employer’s logo on their private car too!

The end game.
By the end of our employee engagement project, our client can expect great things. Ellis Jones will be able to inform this organisation on its employee value proposition, as well as changes needed in order to improve staff retention. This provider will not only know the type of staff they want, they will know which ones to stay clear of. In time, this provider will have lower staff turnover, less recruitment fees, a better understanding of what the company represents and passionate advocates to tell the story.

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 Image credit: kkendall