The ways in which we communicate shape the societies we form. Through it we search, connect and learn. Ideas are born. Markets are forged. Through communications we change how people think and act. For good.

Communications: understand people, move people

In this context of increasing complexity and rapid change, Ellis Jones applies research insights in strategy and tactics to market products and services, to convey meaning, and to drive behaviour change.

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Communications and marketing strategy

Informed by a deep understanding of the sectors and spaces where we work, our strategies in communications and campaigns achieve what you, our clients, ask of them. Spanning conversion-focused marketing endeavours, to societal behaviour change interventions, we interrogate insights, define measurable goals, and apply credentialed models, to shape audience segmentation, messaging and channel.

Behaviour change

People will not change what they do if they are not motivated to do so, or if it’s too hard based on where they are at. To intervene, using communications and campaigns, we create prompts marrying a change to underlying emotive motivations, while educating to increase capacity to act, with an ask that feels within grasp. Applying insights, models and techniques from across the social sciences, we support people change, for good, based on deep understanding of psychology, sociological and environmental influences of behaviour.

Campaigns and creative

Our campaigns create impact by fusing creativity with behavioural insights. They are strategic in their integrated response to a problem, and in every visual or verbal choice we present. Delivered across on and offline mediums, our consultants first think deeply about a cohesive approach, enabling us to execute quickly, placing effective campaigns in market and in front of your audiences.

Content marketing and PR

Storytellers at heart, we channel our craft so your organisation’s stories are seen, heard and followed. We know how to capitalise on news agendas, to move social followings, and to influence debate. Through our knowledge and networks, we create media moments that people remember, and media turn up to. Through your own content channels, we attract audiences to make you the newsmaker.

Issues and crisis management

A strong issues management plan will prevent the escalation of issues to a level of crisis, at which point they can have a serious impact on an organisation. We work with organisations to understand the risks, and mitigate what we can. And if a crisis hits, we support organisations to navigate their way through the storm.

Corporate and plain language communications

Our writers work with words to tell your story in the way your audiences need to hear them. Our reports and policy papers resonate with the stakeholders they seek to serve. We write annual reports read beyond the boardroom. And we make the inaccessible clear, for diverse audiences, applying plain language principles.

What our clients say

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“The commitment that the Ellis Jones team shows is outstanding, bringing structure, evidence-based reporting and professionalism to each marketing initiative at a national and local level. They have proven themselves to be market-leaders and a great support to the Just Better Care marketing department.”

Alison Chandler, Just Better Care

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