Along with our opposable thumbs, the capacity for communication is part of what makes us human. In no age before have we had more to say about our world than we do today.

Communications: understand people, move people

In this context of increasing complexity and rapid change, Ellis Jones applies research insights in strategy and tactics to market products and services, to convey meaning, and to drive behaviour change.

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Applying well-established models, we develop strategy in pursuit of measurable business, social and environmental impact. Investment in understanding the sectors we work within, means deep sector knowledge is applied in all our work, and decisions are made in context.


Our campaigns create impact by fusing creativity with behavioural insights. We build a deep understanding of your objectives and your audiences, and apply this to deliver creative strategy and execution that moves people; defining how to motivate audiences, and through the right channels, with the right voices and at the right times.

Media relations & training

We know how to capitalise on news agendas, to move social followings, and to influence debate. Through our knowledge and networks, we create media moments that people remember, and media turn up to. Using a mix of both traditional and new media, we ensure our clients are seen, heard and followed.

Content marketing

Our team of content specialists are experts in the sectors in which we work; we turn your people, expertise, knowledge and technical data into stories people love. We channel our craft to make your organisation the newsmaker – the place people turn to for the stories and information you are well placed to bring them.

Issues & crisis management

A strong issues management plan will prevent the escalation of issues to a level of crisis, at which point they can have a serious impact on the business. We work with organisations to understand the risks, mitigate what we can, and prepare to manage what we can’t.

Corporate & plain language communications

Our writers work with words to tell your story, in the way your audiences need to hear them. That can include pithy copywriting for advertising, annual reports read beyond the boardroom, and compelling plain language copy that is approachable and accessible for diverse audiences. We take corporate communications from the ivory tower out to the world.


What you say on stage becomes who you are in the mind of your audience. We craft speeches to open minds and engage hearts. Through strategic speech writing, we ensure the message is remembered well after the microphone is packed away.

What our clients say

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“The commitment that the Ellis Jones team shows is outstanding, bringing structure, evidence-based reporting and professionalism to each marketing initiative at a national and local level. They have proven themselves to be market-leaders and a great support to the Just Better Care marketing department.”

Alison Chandler, Just Better Care

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