From early learning, through to technical training, through to doctoral research, we know that the opportunities we are afforded through education are some of the most important determinants of the lives we can create for ourselves and our communities.

Education and skills: marketing that creates impact and drives student recruitment

Our work has launched new offers, attracted enrolments, sourced funding, improved student experience, affected change to systems and models, created local connections, and measured social, environmental and economic returns.

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The competition is fierce; the models constantly evolving. To succeed, every university or private provider needs a compelling brand, a differentiated course offer, and a manifestly positive student experience that attracts, retains and fosters ongoing student relationships. We help by creating marketing and engagement strategies that work across the student life cycle; and by delivering integrated campaigns across mainstream, digital and PR channels.


Offering a diverse array of courses and education experiences to students of all ages, further ed providers give people the chance to acquire industry target skills and to advance industry growth. We promote, differentiate and link partners, demonstrating the value of the sector to prospective and current students, staff, communities and governments.


There are nearly 10,000 schools in Australia. Culturally, linguistically, socio-economically, geographically diverse, they all strive to give young Australians a running start in life. To do so, subject teachers, students and parents tackle complex issues such as disadvantage, competition, limited funding and NAPLAN. We help. Together we research, measure impact and build safe student experiences.

What our clients say

“The commitment that the Ellis Jones team shows is outstanding, bringing structure, evidence-based reporting and professionalism to each marketing initiative at a national and local level. They have proven themselves to be market-leaders and a great support to the Just Better Care marketing department.”

Alison Chandler, Just Better Care