There are many social determinants of health. And everyone’s health continuously impacts every aspect of our lives, from our first breath to our last. Access to health services, information and, increasingly, technology can improve health outcomes but, at every point, the experience is related to the impact.

Health and ageing: research and marketing that improves lives

Since our inception, Ellis Jones has worked with the premise that improving health care addresses the foundation of a productive, socially cohesive society. We connect stakeholders and communities, change behaviour, motivate health workers, break down stigma and discrimination, and improve access to facilities, products and services.

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Private or public, rising costs and funding pressure has heightened scrutiny of hospitals at the same time demand and competition are intensifying. We work with leaders to reduces costs and improve experiences by mapping the journeys, creating digital pathways and articulating value.

Aged care

We have worked in aged care across Australia for over a decade. In a sector subject to constant reform and complex market forces, we work with providers, peaks, advocates and government to build a better system, and achieve better care for Australian communities.

Primary health

The primary health care sector is complex and constantly changing. Regulatory reform, technological disruption, competition, worker shortages and convergence impact companies and communities. We help providers understand audiences, define services, design systems, create strategies and health marketing plans, attract workers, and reach customers.

Mental health

Mental health conditions are often hidden, misunderstood and undiagnosed. Only in recent years has the focus shifted from treatment to prevention, and with it to schools, workplaces and community institutions. We help research, analyse program impact and create enhancements through strong technical and sector knowledge in mental health. We work to create and co-design health initiatives and campaigns that create behaviour change and lasting community impact.

Consumer health

Advanced devices, apps and online content have altered the consumer decision-making journey. Primary health and pharmacy are adapting. Change is escalating. We work with product and technology providers to design and launch solutions, and with established institutions to evolve and strengthen their brand.


Australia’s health insurers face the challenges of customer acquisition, retention, cost reduction and policy reform. We work with private and public insurance companies to find and extract value and give policy holders and referrers are reason to remain loyal.

What our clients say

“The commitment that the Ellis Jones team shows is outstanding, bringing structure, evidence-based reporting and professionalism to each marketing initiative at a national and local level. They have proven themselves to be market-leaders and a great support to the Just Better Care marketing department.”

Alison Chandler, Just Better Care