Communities, markets, services and products are becoming ever more complex. Research, facilitation and design approaches, tools and technologies are ever extending. Ellis Jones works with clients to adapt the right approaches to context, acquiring insights and putting them to work.

Research: for powerful social change

More than a research company, we help leaders make sense of the world at pivotal times in the evolution of organisations, establishing roadmaps and supporting insights with strategy and communication to take employees, customers and stakeholders forward.

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Competitor analyses and market assessments

We conduct national, regional and local market studies to determine competitive context, strategic advantage, barriers and opportunities, and optimal market positioning.

Business and financial modelling

We use contemporary techniques and strategy models to develop or evolve business models for existing businesses, new market entrants and new service areas. We draft business cases for executive and board sign-off.

Social impact framing and measurement

Our social impact practice defines impact domains and indicator sets relevant to each client organisation and its setting. We then assist in designing systems to acquire data, leveraging the agency’s communication and design capability to produce impact reports and case studies.


Using adaptable models to define digital readiness and map digital ecosystems and future state, we assist in development of whole of organisation digital strategy. We then develop measurement systems and reports that track engagement, experience, conversions and social impact across applications, channels and social platforms.

Brand and marketing

We conduct brand perception audits and annual benchmarking studies to track brands relative to competitors and customer needs. Our communication strategists conduct marketing effectiveness studies of strategy, campaigns, systems, interfaces and collateral.

Qualitative and quantitative research and insights

From population level studies to street level intercepts and focus group testing, we conduct a range of quantitative and qualitative research across Australia and in our workshop, the Realm of Possibilities.

Behavioural insights

We come to research projects with a grounding in behavioural economics, a deep understanding of behavioural bias and experience designing and executive behavioural insights projects to inform social policy and health promotion.

Stakeholder and community consultation

Using purpose-designed frameworks and techniques, and those accepted by government and industry, we help organisations engage stakeholders, often in challenging situations. Our research as engagement assists when communities need to be consulted and be taken on the journey.

What our clients say

“We have been working with Ellis Jones for the past four months on a very important event campaign. It has been a pleasure working with David and the team – they are highly professional, efficient and no request is ever too small or big. Many thanks for your excellent work and taking our event to the next level.”

Madeleine La Ferla, ARENA