Research should embrace complexity and provide confident answers. We help organisations make sense of the world at pivotal times in their evolution with insights and recommendations immediately felt in strategy and results.

Research and evaluation: for powerful social change

Our research focuses on what people think, why they make certain decisions, and how they behave as a result. Our work is in physical and digital domains, and produces insights that can immediately be taken into design and strategy. It considers social, economic, environmental, market, and political influences and context.

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Market research

Our researchers use qualitative and quantitative research methods – from population level studies to street level intercepts and focus group testing – augmented with design thinking, to create a lucid picture of contemporary and future markets. We help leaders interpret results in strategy and planning.

Impact framing and measurement

Every organisation has, and can create, social, environmental and financial impact. The first step is to map and define the impact right now, then establishing a framework for future innovation and reporting, aligned to globally accepted ESG and other standards.

Digital research

Most experiences are digital, via screen. We map ecosystems, assess digital activity, and analyse the behaviour of target audiences online. Then, we optimise digital presence, experience and architecture using precise and robust analytics which provide a baseline for all future reporting.

Brand perception research

A brand has immense value. It mobilises people behind an idea, it supports experimentation and lateral growth, and it represents dollars on a balance sheet. We conduct brand perception audits and annual benchmarking studies to track brands relative to competitors and customer need.

Social research and behavioural insights

No person acts wholly rationally, but we do act in patterns and predictably. We conduct social and behavioural research, informed by behavioural economics theory, and using ethnographic methods, to map current and intended behaviours, applying insights in strategy and design.

Stakeholder and community consultation

Lived experience and community participation are central to the philosophy of contemporary policy, program and strategy. Using purpose-designed frameworks and techniques, and those accepted by government and industry, we engage diverse communities and expert stakeholders, often in challenging social contexts.

CALD, LGBTIQ+ and hard-to-reach community research

Australia is home to one of the most multicultural populations in the world, with a rich diversity of behaviours relating to cultural identity, ability and gender. We work with leading cultural organisations to reach and understand the perceptions and actions of CALD, LGBTIQ+, disability, older and younger communities.

Concept testing

To confidently invest in a product, service, facility, campaign or digital application, the user needs and experiences must be understood, and responses gauged. We run virtual and physical concept testing, with diverse audience groups.

What our clients say

“We have been working with Ellis Jones for the past four months on a very important event campaign. It has been a pleasure working with David and the team – they are highly professional, efficient and no request is ever too small or big. Many thanks for your excellent work and taking our event to the next level.”

Madeleine La Ferla, ARENA