The future is uncertain, the path forward often unclear. Leaders need to make critical decisions, pivoting strategy in response to complex challenges and emerging opportunities. They need strategy to work on the ground, changing systems and behaviour.

Strategy: changing systems and behaviour

Our Strategy & Insights team develops business, service and initiative strategy, informed by sophisticated in-house research and design-thinking capability, and activated using behavioural science, communications and visual design.

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Vision setting

Vision setting, whether in democratic government or competitive market settings, now needs to consider a complex and dynamic range of factors. We are planning for today, tomorrow, and well over the horizon. Using design thinking and strategic frameworks, we establish a future state and a roadmap to get there.

Strategic planning

A strategic plan has an architecture, narrative and indicators unique to the trajectory and ambition of an organisation. Our team guides leadership teams, informing strategy with research and experience, and a creative process that comprises employee, stakeholder and board input.

Shared value strategy

Every organisation considering its future must consider social, environmental and economic impact: how to achieve it, and how it can accrue to near and long-term success. We use a range of methods to develop shared value strategy, expressing purpose in strategic direction, activities and planning.

Market entry strategy

When launching a new business or taking a novel proposition to a new market, there is always a unique configuration of factors to consider. We guide companies on the path from concept to validation and successful launch. We match market insights and strategy with marketing and branding.

Strategy activation

A strategy is only as good as its influence. We draw on the unique configuration of our multidisciplinary company to bring strategy to life with strategic design, branding, employee engagement, and stakeholder or shareholder communications.


Without a clear purpose, no organisation can achieve its full potential. Applying a staged process, we help define purpose and build a strategic framework supported with activation to make purpose resident in every action a company takes.

ESG strategy

ESG is the ascendant framework for reporting non-financial impact. Beyond reporting, a company needs to identify where it can create value, and how to do it – not as an obligation but as a strategy for creating sustainable returns.

What our clients say

“We have been working with Ellis Jones for the past four months on a very important event campaign. It has been a pleasure working with David and the team – they are highly professional, efficient and no request is ever too small or big. Many thanks for your excellent work and taking our event to the next level.”

Madeleine La Ferla, ARENA