The Western world is in the midst of a global megatrend. Major companies are staking their role in solving global challenges: from health and wellness to housing, climate change to social inclusion.

Here in Australia, companies are measuring and understanding their social impact in order to develop products and services that do good and sell well, work more collaboratively with suppliers and other stakeholders, and attract the best and most engaged people. Non profits and government are moving quickly to embrace the new opportunity of working together with shared purpose.

This new era of shared value means greater commitment and often greater investment in return for sustainable and scalable growth. And it needs new tools, models and thinking to achieve its potential for business and society.

We uncover and create opportunities for social innovation and business growth. Using social research and human centred design to understand and define needs, we develop business strategies, initiatives, services and campaigns that create measurable social impact and financial returns.

With deep knowledge of the sectors we work and invest in, we find new solutions to entrenched and emerging social problems that intersect with market and economic opportunities.

We partner with diverse organisations – separately and in dynamic partnerships – to understand and reach people, innovate products or services, improve access and efficiency, and scale returns.

Our social impact consulting services areas are:

  1. Shared value strategy
  2. Social impact initiatives
  3. Social change campaigns
  4. Purpose branding
  5. Social research
  6. Co-creation and co-design
  7. Social impact measurement and reporting
  8. Facilitation, training and coaching
  9. Impact events and meetups

Download our social impact practice overview.

Our work is supported by what we’ve built:

  • A strong social purpose and an agency impact framework
  • A multidisciplinary team of impact focused consultants
  • Expertise and history in pioneering the development and application of shared value in Australia
  • A unique, creative workshop and collaboration space: the Realm of Possibilities
  • An Australian and global network of expert collaborators across social impact disciplines including measurement, behavioural economics, design and finance

On every project, we frame and measure impact.

Your organisation can understand and address social needs to achieve sustainable and scalable growth.

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