co-design in aged care

We guide and empower people to design products, services and places that intimately address their own needs.

Co-design is the process of designing something with the people that will use or deliver it. It reveals insights other research methods cannot, ensures organisations maintain relevance, sustainability and impact by meeting evolving needs, and builds deep loyalty among participants and their networks.

Working closely diverse people, such as those who are older, have a disability or are culturally or linguistically diverse, we elevate lived experience and unique perspectives as a starting point for innovation.

Co-design can inform and lead to:

  • New products, services and places
  • Projects and initiatives
  • Campaigns
  • Strategic direction changes

We practice trust, empathy and collective growth. We create scalable solutions to the business or social problems that need action.

We have worked with:  Scope Disability, The Centre (social enterprise) and Emmy Monash.

Talk to us about using co-creation and co-design as part of a project or strategy.