We create brands that grow trust, guide and scale social impact and mobilise people around a cause.

A company’s brand, the experience it creates and trust it holds with customers and society, is a powerful vehicle for mobilising people around a cause. The brand creates social value that scales as more people get behind the purpose.

Purpose branding articulates the social and environmental benefits of products. It changes the conversation with customers, and invites greater collaboration in the design and marketing of services.

Perhaps most importantly, when a company understands and lucidly articulates its purpose within the brand experience, it can more effectively identify and address societal needs as its employees, stakeholders and broader society contribute to its success.

Our purpose brands include:

  • Consumer brands
  • Employer brands
  • Organisation brands
  • Product/service brands
  • Project/initiative brands
  • Campaign identities

Ellis Jones’ purpose branding work intersects with almost every other aspect of our agency. Importantly, it always begins with research to define social value creation.

Broadly it covers:

  • Social impact sensing, definition and framing
  • Applying the agency’s branding methodology to define brand purpose
  • Company, service and product purpose and impact analysis
  • Workforce purpose analysis

We forge relationships and select client partners based on the social impact potential of the work. We have a long-standing commitment to improving society which has guided the recruitment of smart, motivated people to our team.

We have worked with: The Royal Women’s Hospital, Lake Mac Libraries, myDNA, Muslims for Progressive Values, SCR Group and Probiotec.

Talk to us about building a brand that achieves real social impact.