shared value in aged care

We lead and co-create social impact programs, projects, applications and prototypes that address social need and deliver economic returns.

Social impact initiatives take many forms: social enterprises; behavioural change activities and programs; brand activations; community events; cross sector partnerships; web, mobile and other digital applications or platforms; an innovation lab.

What’s common is:

  • A clearly defined set of social needs and economic gains
  • A clear theory of change and new or adapted model to address needs
  • A coordinator of resources, knowledge, competencies or networks
  • A strategy and plan to design, prototype, test and iterate over time
  • A measurement framework with meaningful, partner-aligned indicators
  • A narrative that defines a value proposition that inspires engagement over time, while protecting the reputation of all partners

Within our team we hold expertise in these areas, supported by a network of specialist firms, advisors and academic leaders. We also employ or build models, systems and technology.

For our clients, our process and expertise results in the confidence to make decisions, the leadership buy-in to move forward, the compelling narrative to drive momentum and the structure and rigour to ensure success.

Our services include:

  1. Initiative design – structure, logic, approach
  2. Multi-stakeholder workshops and facilitation
  3. Initiative strategy and planning
  4. Creative concept and narrative development
  5. Market and concept testing
  6. Execution and management
  7. Measurement and reporting

We have worked with: Probiotec, a social enterprise – The Centre – in partnership with the Council of The Ageing (COTA) Victoria.

Talk to us about designing, testing and launching social impact initiatives.