Sustainability, attitudes and where to begin.

Sustainability, sustainable energy, the preservation of natural resources, global and national policy reforms. Reducing the impact of climate change so that humans will still exist beyond 2030 – whoa where do I start?

Most Australians – two thirds – accept that the climate is changing and we need to adapt our behaviours as a consequence.

Surveys by the CSIRO looking into attitudes towards climate change from 2010 to 2014, found that they remained relatively unchanged over that time. This could be attributed to a few things.

First, it could be due to the simple fact that changes to the climate are not significantly noticeable enough in our everyday lives. They become something easily forgotten about in favour of more pressing issues – like running late to work.

Second, it’s confusing. Keeping in the loop with new scientific developments, understanding government policies at the national, state and local level is so intimidating that the issue gets dumped in the too hard basket.

Third, governments and business don’t communicate climate change and the benefits of behaviour adaption in a way that is appealing enough to the masses.

As a relative new-comer to the space of sustainability communications one of the first questions I wanted answers to was ‘what are some great publications to follow?’ and ‘where can I find information about sustainability that explains the different facets in one place?’

So if you – like me – are new to sustainability, here’s some great places to start.

The Climate Institute – their goal is for a zero-carbon global economy. A great place to find regular reports, discussion papers and opinion pieces.

Sustainability Drinks Australia – hosts monthly networking events across Australia for people who are passionate about creating a better world.

ReNew – A magazine published by the Alternative Technology Association. Features articles on all things sustainability from energy efficiency, environmental policy, off-grid living and waste.

ClimateWorks Australia – has a ton of information about current sustainability projects and offers great insights into how Australians can prosper from decarbonisation.

For more, have a look at our list from earlier in the year.

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