A system-based approach to thrift.

It wasn’t long ago I remember being at school and my teacher requesting all students type out their essays and submit them in printed form. For the majority of my class this was a shocking concept, myself included. I ended up writing out my essay free-hand with edits and changes, and then once I had it right, painstakingly typing it out. I was wasting time, I knew that. But I hadn’t yet got comfortable with the technology that would in the future help me become more efficient at essay writing.

These days, I can’t think of an easier way to write, edit and produce copy than by typing it out and editing as I go. My computer, keyboard and the Windows software I use are as much a part of my daily life than my morning coffee.

Technology is forever being developed to make our lives easier, to save time and money. The more we use it, the harder it becomes to remember a time is it wasn’t around. However it’s taking that step, and being a little uncomfortable using it for a while that leads to it soon becoming second nature.

At Ellis Jones, we have thought long and hard about how we can cut down on account management and administration time in order to be able to provide our clients with the most value for money and a system-based approach to thrift. Although there are many options to choose from, Ellis Jones has employed two systems to make our lives (and our clients’ lives) easier.

Teamwork,  a project management system helps us and our clients organise tasks, brief each other, track milestones and capture all account correspondence. Harvest, a time tracking software package allows for complete transparency with regards to how much time/money is spent on tasks. Each saves information in a secure online portal which is accessible online anywhere. It allows for easy, transparent reporting for easy account and financial management.

Although great in theory, it can be difficult to encourage uptake with new clients (and new Ellis Jones staff alike). Personally, I am still partial to a hand written ‘to do’ list that allows me to scribble out tasks when complete. But with a little bit of effort at the onset to get used to the software which makes work life easier, these systems are effectively saving time and maximsing resources at Ellis Jones.

Who knows, one day I may look back and laugh at how I used to write out my task lists by hand.

Image credit: Nothingbutnewcastle