The art of online fitness engagement.

There are few places as nice as Bondi beach to train, do Pilates or get a deep muscle massage. Not surprisingly there are plenty of personal trainers operating around Australia’s most iconic beach. A quick look at their websites though and its clear, there’s probably a little too much ab-gazing and not enough engagement. A market waiting for real customer service!

FitnessArt came to us looking for a point of difference. An ability to stay in touch with clients around a schedule that begins at 6am and finishes at 9pm, most days. We built a clean site with integrated social media and e-news functionality. We also set up a Twitter feed and started the SEO process.

FitnessArt now offers FitNews, a regular update on fitness tips and special offers. The FitnessArt site design speaks the brand, evoking a sense of strength and peace – perfect for a company offering training, Pilates and massage in a soulful package.

Built on a budget, we hope you’ll agree: the web can be a beautiful and effective thing. Visit FitnessArt website.

Ellis Jones provides web design and development services, driven by high level online engagement strategy.

image credit: Julie Thomas