Stakeholder engagement is important.

Stakeholder engagement is important for any organisation. When trying to understand the world around you and those that impact your business or vice versa, it can be useful to draw a stakeholder map to visualise the relationship between them both.

By strengthening community connections, one is able to build long-term positive relationships with prominent stakeholders through engagement with potential customers, donors, opinion leaders and future employees.

In an aged care setting, by creating an effective process of engagement you are able to foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that will improve organisational moral, reputation and business outcomes.

In order to effectively engage with key stakeholders, one must understand their needs, wants, interests and motivations. By finding mutual ground, the foundations for lasting relationships are made, granting opportunities to build on existing community connections and create new ones.

To make a stakeholder engagement map:

1) Work out who your key stakeholders are.

2) Conduct research to determine your core group of stakeholders based on your objectives.

2) Rank them on importance in regards to their influence on your organisation.

Though simple, stakeholder maps are an easy and effective way to demonstrate stakeholder engagement influence for any organisation.

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