The Pivot Playbook is coming in May.

Leaders know that burning sense of potential, if the risks could be understood and the pathway cleared to address opportunity.

But it’s hard to see and understand all the risks – and the near and long-term opportunities to create value from addressing them – when you are working within a large organisation, at pace, with multiple, concurrent responsibilities, activities, and a task list that is insurmountable.

There are many highly credentialed advisers, with expert knowledge of their domains. However, advice only creates value when it is placed within a strategy and trajectory which considers the capacity of people to navigate and make change. Because people activate strategies and plans.

What they know, how they perceive the organisation, how they make decisions, and their relationships with colleagues, customers and communities, are critical inputs to strategy and innovation – and critical considerations in developing communication, experiences and initiatives that achieve intended behaviours, goals and change at scale.

In 2024, we need to marry systems thinking and behavioural science with the commercial reality of doing business among rising costs and in a society where most people have less capacity to purchase what they need.

That’s the opportunity. To get close to people and understand them, responding authentically, with products, services and experiences they value. Being inclusive, transparent and present. Strengthening relationships, ready for the predicted economic uplift in 2025.

Are you asking these questions?

In companies, governments and not-for-profit organisations we meet motivated people with similar questions:

  • How do we ensure our strategy is adopted by our people to achieve its objectives?
  • How do we create value from our investment in sustainability and ESG, to achieve growth, sustainability and profitability?
  • How do we make the transition to zero net emissions, taking our people, customers, suppliers and investors with us?
  • How do we prepare our workforce for disruption, embedding positive DEI and workplace mental health behaviours?
  • How do we translate evidence into practice, achieving behaviour change that leads to economic, social and environmental impact?
  • What strategies and actions will achieve the financial investment required for quick wins and impact over time?
  • How do we balance purpose and financial sustainability?
  • How do we support businesses, customers and communities to respond to economic, social and environmental challenges?

If you are, we want to help you get answers.

The Pivot Playbook

That’s why, at 1pm on 23 May 2024, we are launching the Pivot Playbook.

Every organisation needs to pivot in response to complex, intersecting challenges. Success depends on moving people.

Using the Pivot Playbook principles, frameworks and tools – you and your team can build the capability and supporting process to pivot in response to challenges.

  • Deepen connections with customers, employees and communities by applying identity theory.
  • Build creative, innovative teams prepared to solve critical problems and take advantage of the opportunities present in change.
  • Understand decision-making and behaviour, creating the conditions for people to adopt strategy, change work practices and lead more productive, healthy and happier lives.

A company with a strong, long-standing purpose to move people, and change the world for good, Ellis Jones has invested in the theory and practice of identity, behaviour, and creativity for this very moment –  immediate and sustained action to make necessary economic, social, and environmental transitions.

In the Pivot Playbook, we have codified and structured our knowledge into a practical guide supported with online training and tools that will be progressively rolled out over the coming year.

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