The state of a nation’s politicians.

An article entitled “Politician, heal thyself” appeared recently in The Economist. It has drawn a lot of attention to Australia’s politicians and their general lack of unison. The commentary sets the scene of today’s parliament. Living in an Australia with this political climate has lead us to develop our Shared Value Proposition.

Granted, the scope of our nation’s current issues are complex: carbon price, affordable housing, a ‘two speed economy’, natural disasters – to name a few. But there are always a range of challenges facing Australians; it’s how we deal with them that defines the strength, unity, confidence and future success of our community.

“The first striking feature of modern Australian politics is its inconstancy. The political parties cast off leaders the way Dame Edna Everage casts off frocks. Between 1989 and 1991 the Liberals had three leaders and Labor two. And though Mr Howard was in power for over ten years, in 1994-95 the Liberals again had three leaders, and another three in 2007-09. And so, in 2004-07, did Labor. Policies too can be changed, just as often and just as casually. Both the main parties have been for and against an emissions-trading system, the issue that most divides them today.”

“One picture of this (the low level of political discourse) is worth far more than the usual thousand words: the leader of the opposition can often be seen facing his own side of the chamber with his back to the prime minister, even while she is speaking. Once again, the fault lies with the politicians, not with the system.”

“(There)…is a lack of seriousness in Australia’s politics. The show (Lindsay Tanner, the Labor ex-minister, calls it a sideshow) is a spectacle. It can be fierce: not for nothing does the word feral so frequently crop up.”

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