Top 10 Tweets for July via @EllisJonesLive


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Here are your top 10 favourite tweets for this month:

1. RT @blackbaud: Top 12 Social Media Insights for NFPs in 2012 #socialmedia #NFPs

2. Let the #socialmedia games begin! [READ] “Greek athlete expelled over racist tweet” via @theage

 3. How to create an effective & engaging #socialrecruiting campaign >> [READ] “4 nuggets of social recruiting knowledge.”

 4. Four well-known and emerging techniques that will get results in your next meeting session >> #facilitation #gamestorming

 5. RT @BradBennett 12 things not to share on Twitter #socialmedia

 6. [READ] Sticky wisdom. Compelling content on social media channels >> #socialmedia #content

 7. StarTrek-esque technology coming soon to a classroom near you.. [READ] via @theage #eLearning

 8. #facebook #privacy. Can these words be used in a sentence without inducing a scowl? [READ] ‘Has Facebook gone too far?’

 9. A British town tries to reinvent Itself using #branding >> via @FastCoDesign #engagement

 10. Tackling #socialisolation – older people head #online [READ] via @AgedCareINsite features our Older Vics Online Survey

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Image credit:  id-iom, Flickr Creative Commons