Tripping the light: fantastic.

Cities around the world are competing in their home countries and beyond to attract inward investment and residents. Melbourne has been found the third Most Livable City by the Economist’s Data Unit, for example; something Melburnians can be justly proud of. Sustainability and innovation are watchwords, just look at CH2.

Well, cities of the world, watch out. Toulouse is catching up and determined to take its place among the global innovation hotspots.

As The Guardian reports, “As part of wider efforts to put France’s south-western technology capital at the forefront of green wizardry, city authorities are testing out a scheme to generate electricity for street lights through the stamping feet of passers-by.” The lights were originally designed for use in nightclubs.

This follows last year’s trial of heat-sensitive lampposts that only light up when a pedestrian passes. Inspired.

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image credit: Jes