Tumblr-ing all the way home.

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colours, to your theme‘s HTML.

My inspiration to start a tumblr blog came after seeing my friend Toms blog. He has a “photoblog” containing an eclectic mix of imagery covering everything from food, landscapes and cars. The images are mostly found from other tumblr blogs or from the web. He has mixed in a bit of his own photography as well. Tom has amassed over 5000 followers in two years of “tumbling.”


Socially, Tumblr offers simple interaction between users. A user can ask questions directly to another publically into the tumblr feed or, privately into their inbox. I think Tumblr should offer a setting to block an individuals messages as it would make for a less invasive browsing experience.

The connections to people are similar to that in twitter – A network of individuals bound together through common interest. Tumblr allows users to “follow” other blogs and automatically updates the individuals homepage with the latest posts from their chosen network. Re-blogging a post is as simple as clicking two buttons and makes it easy to build up content into your own personal blog.

“Re-blogging” a post sounds a bit unoriginal in the beginning but, it is the fundamental element to Tumblrs success and identity. The concept of ‘sharing’ something you think is cool or interesting translates to all social media platforms. Builds on the community theme. The more re-blogs or “notes” the post has – the more potential for exposure.

I wanted to create a photo-blog myself but my goal was to create something unique and original. I was coding a two column layout and by accident I ended up having a duplicate post next to the original post. I had the idea to reflect the duplicate image seamlessly with the adjacent post. I now search for images that reflect to accentuate perspective. My blog takes the mundane regurgitated images that Tumblr has to offer and displays them in a new way.

Will is our designer. Check out his blog ‘Commonpoly’ on Tumblr to take a peek into his designer-mind.

 Image credit: ekamil, Flickr Creative Commons