Taking an ambitious skincare start-up to market readiness.

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Biom works with the world’s leading cosmetic scientists to produce ultra-high-performance clinical men’s and women’s skincare, in incredibly simple solutions that save you time, money and complexity.

Over $150 billion is spent on skincare each year and much of this ends up in the hands of middlemen and retailers. Biom has a mission to change that. If part of the margin flowing to intermediaries could instead be diverted to social causes, the impact is potentially huge.


With time and effort already invested in market research, product development and brand positioning, Biom needed a market access strategy that would provide their social enterprise with a platform to get noticed.

Biom approached Ellis Jones to work together under the Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Capability Stream voucher program. In a crowded beauty market, dominated by multinationals with immense spending power, it was critical that Biom lead with their world-changing aspiration.

Ellis Jones guided the Biom team through a series of collaborative workshops in order to distil the brand’s core identity, the value proposition and key messages. We also undertook a business model canvassing exercise to capture and formalise the foundational work that Biom had already done.