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Cardiology has been a major service at Cabrini for over 50 years, its range is broad ‒ from the latest minimally invasive procedures to open-heart surgery. Over the last two decades, there has been significant investment in public hospitals by successive governments. A reduction in private health insurance policyholders and an increase in major private hospital providers has seen a need to actively promote services and outcomes in order to increase the use of Cabrini facilities.


Ellis Jones was commissioned to work with Cabrini to develop an integrated marketing campaign to increase awareness of the suite of cardiac services provided at Cabrini – namely Cabrini Heart.

After an assessment of competing and ‘like’ providers, benchmarks were set and a communication plan developed which targeted GPs, paramedics and consumers within a defined catchment area.

Its central themes were those of convenience, commitment to the community and reliability. Data and storytelling approaches communicated the differentiating aspects of Cabrini as a member of the community with a legacy of outcomes.

With the use of ‘plain language’ instead of alienating medical lexicon, creative activations include a resource and base information materials. Speaking simply, well designed.


Key outcomes from our work with Cabrini include:

  • Working under the Cabrini brand, Ellis Jones design studio created a set of working assets under the Cabrini and Cabrini Heart brands
  • Ellis Jones created a proposed creative approach for distribution of the assets, including a treatment for ‘endorsed’ GP social profiles
  • GPs are hard to reach but the campaign used a mix of direct mail, foyer activations, social media marketing and referral marketing via staff and VMOs to reach them.
  • Further to social creative, Ellis Jones presented an initial treatment for collateral and merchandising as a second stage option.