Pivoting an international professional body to transform the discipline and drive member growth.

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The Chief of Staff Association (CSA) is the international professional body for chiefs of staff in leading corporations, governments, the military and diplomatic corps.

By establishing a new Code of Ethics, education program, and platforms for international engagement across the profession, the CSA is strengthening the discipline of Chief of Staff as the role becomes ever more influential in the decisions of public and private sector leaders.

Ellis Jones supported the CSA through a rebranding and positioning process, as the organisation took a decisive step forward in its evolution, and developed an industry leading education program.


Working collaboratively with executive leadership and expert collaborators, Ellis Jones:

  • Completed a review of customer empathy mapping, user journey mapping and user persona development to better understand existing key member/customer audiences.
  • Articulated a refreshed strategic brand identity and value proposition, ensuring that the core competitive strengths were at the heart of the organisation and central to interaction with members and stakeholders.
  • Collaboratively built the education and knowledge pillar, including assistance in refining its logic, developing a precise narrative and defining micro-credentialing structure and positioning.
  • Led a refresh to the visual identity and core branded livery to more accurately connote the status, connection and acumen of the organisation.
  • Redeveloped CSA.org, the central digital presence and platform of the Chief of Staff Association, as well as social media presence on key platforms.
  • Contributed to content architecture, hierarchy, and development throughout the website.


Since embarking on the rebrand in 2020, Ellis Jones has continued to provide support and input as the organisation has gone from strength to strength, building membership and rolling out a comprehensive professional development program.

An articulate strategic identity and commensurate branded digital experience has aided the Chief of Staff Association in:

  • Attracting interest among top echelons of the profession;
  • Driving significant member growth; and
  • Delivering a purpose-aligned, industry leading knowledge programme.

Importantly, the CSA is bringing a significantly higher level of professionalism and education to a discipline whose practitioners are highly influential and demand trust in cities and regions right around the world.

With escalating global membership, the CSA has now moved its headquarters to London, UK.

Visit: www.csa.org