Placing circularity and impact at the core of Australia’s leading waste management company’s sustainability reporting.

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Cleanaway is Australia’s leading waste management company that sees the bigger picture.  Mark Schubert, Cleanaway CEO, understands the central role sustainability will play in the company’s future success. This requires an evolving and forward looking approach to reporting to position themselves as part of the wider solution in transitioning to a more sustainable society. Ellis Jones has been working with Cleanaway since 2022 to develop annual reporting suites including sustainability and modern slavery reporting that strategically places circularity and impact at the core, while driving growth, reputation and continued innovation in the waste management sector.


Since 2022 we’ve focussed on crafting enduring, engaging and accessible sustainability documents that highlight Cleanaway’s mission of making a sustainable future possible.


  • Connect sustainability impacts to Blueprint 2030: Cleanaway’s customer-led strategy to create high-circularity and low carbon solutions.
  • Showcase the delivery of innovative, sustainable solutions to waste management that are profitable and achievable at scale – offering transparent and balanced reporting of sustainability operations that are most relevant to their stakeholders.
  • Highlight employee value proposition through the exemplification of its new refreshed focus and strategic intent.
  • Developed a digital first visual approach, adapting navigation and layout through familiar screen UI elements.
  • Employing a robust approach to accessibility through hierarchy and typographic clarity.


Ellis Jones brought its multidisciplinary process to bear in collaboration with Cleanaway’s Sustainability Team to:

  • Address how sustainability is a strategic platform for Cleanaway by working with sustainability, brand and marketing employees to understand the relationship between company strategy, brand identity and value proposition.
  • Develop an overarching narrative that uses the shared value lens to position the sustainability report relative to the business trajectory and the needs of customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Review and edit report content to help realise Cleanaway’s story of impact and value creation.
  • Develop two compelling creative concepts for the sustainability report that bring to life Cleanaway’s mission (ensuring alignment to Cleanaway’s 2022 annual report).
  • Identify opportunities for how reporting artefacts can tell a bigger story through and post-reporting.


Our work has contributed to various successful outcomes for Cleanaway, including:

  • A sustainability report that communicates and celebrates Cleanaway’s sustainability progress through unifying a powerful narrative alongside inspiring creative and data visualisations.
  • Evolving the Cleanaway visual language to better align with purpose and sustainability activities.
  • Setting a new standard in interactive and digital reporting across all areas of Cleanaway’s business.
  • Developing assets that will have a life through marketing and communications activity and channels – taking the sustainability narrative further.

The sustainability report engaged customers, employees and stakeholders across Cleanaway’s network and received praise from the waste management sector. This work was acknowledged as Top 2 ASX100 Company for Sustainability Reporting in 2022.

View the 2023 sustainability report portal here.
View the 2022 sustainability report here.

A man reading the Cleanaway Sustainability Report on an iPad
Top down view of the sustainability report, open spread
Top down view of the sustainability report, open spread
Three Cleanaway workers standing side by side with arms crossed and smiling