A brand check-up for an emergent members’ private health fund.

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Since 1953, Defence Health has acted with purpose to protect the health of those who protect our country.

Defence Health supports the families of those ADF members and defence connections. And cares for those who once served. That support extends to the parents, brothers and sisters who are a significant part of Australia’s Defence community.

Ellis Jones was invited to assess the facility of the Defence Health brand identity, the suitability and competitive differentiation of the visual identity, and provide recommendations for future brand refinement and evolution.


Ellis Jones worked with Defence Health to:

  • Conduct desktop research across whole of business including strategic priorities, audience and customer data, competitive context and current business as usual brand activation, sales, marketing and comms activity.
  • Co-design with executive representatives and business leaders to test insights, refine audience personas and consolidate core brand associations.
  • Assess current brand toolkit, including visual identity and assets for audience relevance, competitive differentiation, communication depth, and flexibility in application across emergent channels.
  • Append existing documentation and advise on the requirement for further additions to brand resources on the basis of the review.


Ellis Jones delivered Defence Health a comprehensive review of the existing brand identity, architecture, visual and verbal toolkits and templates, assessing against current audience needs and preferences, new product development and competitive landscape.

Recommendations were produced for the additions to the organisational brand strategy, architecture and hierarchy of products and service streams, visual identity and supporting communications assets across existing and emergent channels.

Recommendations fed directly into a wider organisational innovation process.