Cross-national evidence highlighting the gap between parental knowledge and young people’s online activities.

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In the rapidly changing virtual world, eSafety is dedicated to defining its role and influence by producing and promoting simple, helpful, and accessible resources that protect the most vulnerable online. The Mind the Gap report, created in collaboration with Global Kids Online, aims to provide cross-national evidence about children’s online risks and opportunities, emphasising the disparities between parental knowledge and young people’s activities, particularly concerning children’s exposure to potentially harmful online content.


Ellis Jones was responsible for designing and delivering the Mind the Gap report, including a Methodology report and two eDMs. The primary objective of this project was to visually represent varying levels of infographic data, such as quotes, tables, and key statistics, and establish a clear visual connection between children’s online activities and parental awareness (or lack thereof). Our task involved implementing the brand’s existing visual language for the two target audiences, eSafety young people and eSafety parents, while also developing a fresh visual approach to address the report’s communicative needs.

Specifically, our work encompassed the following:

  • Development of a 98-page research report and a 12-page methodology report, incorporating eSafety’s corporate style with a vibrant and approachable conceptual theme. We elevated the existing design elements through strategic implementation and the creation of diverse illustrated characters.
  • Creation of eDM style infographics targeting both young people and parents, using illustrations and data visualisation to highlight key information from the report, which was animated internally by eSafety.
  • Ensuring screen reader accessibility for all assets in the digital landscape, with downloadable options for printing and saving.
  • Designing visual illustration assets with a consistent style and colour palette, utilised by the eSafety internal team across various touch-points related to the Mind the Gap report and its audiences.
  • Ensuring consistency in the design of key report elements and related design pieces, including tables, graphs, quotes, iconography, illustration suite, and pop-out boxes.


As a result of this project:

  • A cohesive visual language was developed to effectively highlight the gaps between parental knowledge and understanding and young people’s online activities.
  • Dense data was translated into a valuable and approachable resource by cleverly incorporating existing branding and colour theory, complemented by a tailored illustrative visual approach.
  • A suite of visuals was created, extending beyond the project’s scope and utilised on social media and the eSafety commissioner website. These visuals serve as markers for accessing resources and information related to the report’s findings.
  • The report stands as an informative reference for the further development of age-appropriate resources and messaging for parents and carers, enabling them to maximise the benefits of online activities while minimising harm.


Mind the Gap report featured on an iPad