A champion of the circular economy.

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The team at Good Thing Australia envisage a world where we are extending the life of the things we have,  eliminating unnecessary waste and ensuring access to socially and environmentally sustainable brands when buying new. Truly, sustainable fashion.

The average consumer purchases 60% more clothes in 2014 than they did in 2000 – but keeps the clothes half as long. With a growing middle class population increasing the demand for fashion, the negative impact of the sector on the environment and society is increasing at an alarming rate.

Addressing the environmental and social impact of fashion has the potential to create significant economic benefits to the tune of $192 billion globally by 2030.

Sustainable fashion can be reality but it requires rethinking the entire value chain: from the experience being sold to the materials being used and the location of production and retail.



Ellis Jones worked with the leaders of Good Thing to capture and communicate their brand identity. Through workshops we mapped their key audiences, their values, preferences and needs, and defined a compelling value proposition to reach them. The design studio articulated the brand strategy through a visual identity system that sits comfortably within the fashion space, while remaining ownable and differentiated from other players in the market.

We assisted in activating the brand, launching with a circular roundtable discussion during Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2020, and introducing plans for a pop-up retail experience at Collins Place in the heart of Melbourne’s high fashion strip. The studio also provided input and creative direction for Good Thing’s in store experience, packaging and website.


After an intense period of activity, prior to its launch during the festival, our team worked with Good Thing to produce:

  • A strategic brand identity
  • Value proposition and key messaging
  • Visual identity (inc. style guide)
  • Launch collateral (inc. store decals, and direction for in store visuals and packaging)
  • Digital design direction

It feels – and looks – good to be a Good Thing.


“It was a pleasure to work with the Ellis Jones team on the creation of Good Thing.  Their understanding of our purpose and vision, along with an injection of fresh thinking was instrumental in achieving such strong imagery. We are looking forward to Good Thing playing a role in the revitalisation of retail in Australia.”

Helen Steel, Chief Executive Offer, Shared Value Project