Launching an exciting start-up at just the right time to solve the the social housing crisis.

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There is a shortfall of over 500,000 affordable homes in Australia. A start-up business, Goodhouse Partners is addressing the housing crisis, working with community housing providers, developers, governments, and private funders to realise housing for communities. The company sought to establish a business model, market presence and acutely relevant value/service proposition, behind genuine social purpose.


Goodhouse Partners was established by experienced business leaders with deep, relevant experience in the property and finance sectors, advised by a governance board of former government housing portfolio leaders.

With a central proposition of partnerships, they sought to address the critical gap between huge government investment promises and finding ‘shovel ready’ projects, at scale, to meet demand. The business model and value proposition needed to appeal to cross-sector partners unaccustomed to working together.

Drawing on experience in enterprise development, stakeholder engagement, service co-design, strategy and marketing of social and affordable housing, Ellis Jones’ work comprised:

  • Customer and stakeholder empathy mapping and persona development.
  • Customer journey and value chain mapping.
  • Naming, brand identity and value proposition modelling.
  • Capability and service modelling and definition.
  • Purpose statement and narrative
  • Market positioning and visual branding.
  • Website design and content.
  • IP codification in client facing models.
  • Credentials and core presentation materials.

Service delivery was supported with leadership advice.


Goodhouse Partners has a strong understanding of market segments and how to address pains and gains in a desirable customer experience.

With a name embodying its purpose, and a lucid value proposition anchored in IP, the company has experienced immediate and sustained interest from developers, community housing providers and state governments.

The company’s website guides different stakeholders to understand the benefit of partnerships and the scale of the opportunity.

The Goodhouse Model and audit process evidence knowledge, capability and focus in intellectual property that is useful, novel and differentiated from competing or like organisations.

Early-stage revenue is supporting investment in strengthening services and a valuable development pipeline.

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