Creating a bold brand platform for an emerging management consulting business to take on the big guys and achieve its mission of a better primary health sector.

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Larter Consulting is a leading primary health research and strategy consultancy. Its market was changing in terms of client type and health context.

The company had reached a maturity level that demanded a clearer brand and value proposition, and a robust, differentiated visual identity.


Ellis Jones’ brand and marketing strategists worked with the agency’s design studio to redefine Larter in the market for its services.

Applying the agency’s IDEA methodology, Ellis Jones consultants used research to inform strategy and brand. Empathy mapping provided a deep understanding of their client’s worlds and world views. Competitor analysis defined brand and service differentiation.

After the investigation and brand identity definition, a strong, relevant and unique visual identity formed. This included the Larter Riverstone logo, embodying the essence of Larter’s client relationships: heroic, ever resilient and progressive; adapting to the constant change to which the health sector is subjected.

Through restrained colour, seamless UX and introduction of a new blog, Primary, the new website communicated clarity of purpose: better primary health care.


Today, Larter’s unique personality and characteristics are manifested in a language and visual identity that is its own and speaks to the emotional and functional needs of its clients in the health sector.

The rebrand gave the company an opportunity to begin a new conversation with referrers that is guided by an integrated marketing and communications strategy. Ensuring every person that should, knows Larter, how it can help, and what makes it a compelling choice of partner.

A comprehensive range of marketing tactics saw Larter consultants gain profile and credibility, speaking at key conferences and building networks on social media.

The business enjoyed a 30% increase in inquiries in the month after the launch and has not looked back, doubling its staff base within 12 months.

“Underpinned by their strong brand expertise, Ellis Jones led us through a structured and enjoyable process that encouraged us to think deeply about who we are at Larter. Not only did this process produce a new, vibrant look; it has infused our staff with excitement and enthusiasm for Larter’s future direction.”

Peter Larter, Director, Larter.