Positioning a challenger development brand for discerning mature buyers.

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Lowe Construction had a 30-year history as a developer of residential homes in Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. In 2015 it made the decision to establish a standalone company, Lowe Development Group, to respond to the demand for its mid-sized high-rise development capabilities.

The company needed a strategy for presenting its unique approach to its key target audience groups: apartment purchasers in the 50+ demographic; and investors.


After a strategic brand identity development exercise and competitor analysis, Ellis Jones distilled a brand archetype, identity elements, personality and voice.

From here we developed a visual identity and company collateral including website, company overview, livery, PowerPoint template and tender documentation.

Lowe’s customers are seeking transformation – not an extreme shift, but a well-thought-through change. Lowe is the confident, experienced and charismatic guide in this process. For Lowe, change is good, change is graceful and handsome. For customers it is, ‘Change Made’.

The use of a wordmark without the requirement of an icon allows the Lowe identity to stand on its own whilst allowing expansion into different business divisions. The imagery is framed to show change, life and meticulous attention to detail.

Ellis Jones’ PR team developed a marketing and PR strategy to support the introduction of the new brand to market.


Immediately after the new brand was launched, Lowe received consistent industry praise as to the clarity and strength of message – it had clearly arrived. The visual identity is unlike other developers and appeals directly to the intended target audiences.

Demand for its developments outstrip supply and the company has clearly defined and established itself in a niche. Once the new brand was in place, older developments were sold out.

In a true reflection of its credibility among the 50+ market, strong advocacy has formed a community of people around the brand and its events.


I would like to thank you for all the good work in getting the brand and the collateral to such an impressive level. We submitted our first tender today under the new brand and with the new tender deck. A submission I am very proud of. Great work everyone!

Tim Lowe, Managing Director, Lowe Development Group