A nationally consistent approach to workplace mental health.

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Australia has a serious mental health challenge – and opportunity. One in five Australians experience a mental illness in any year. Annually, 25% of all Australian workers take time off due to stress. 78% of people have suffered a mental or physical injury at work. And, only one in two Australians perceive their workplace to be ‘mentally healthy’. The estimated direct financial cost of mental illness to Australian businesses each year is $13 billion.

What if mental health was viewed as not a problem to fix but an opportunity to enhance individual quality of life, build high performing businesses and achieve social and economic impact?


Ellis Jones is working with the NWI on their strategic communications and brand identity.

The NWI needs to reach every worker and every business in Australia – from sole trader companies to major corporations. And each and every individual needs to recognise the potential relevant to their role and industry.

Our work comprises:

  • Communications strategy and plan
  • Communications behaviour change model
  • Vision and framework co-design
  • Brand and visual identity development
  • Name, key message and language development
  • Stakeholder communications strategy and plan
  • Engagement Network approach and design
  • Website, creative assets and communications collateral design and development
  • Design and management of a community of practice feature leaders in mental health, business and advocacy organisations.


Our behaviour change experts developed a behaviour change model for the NWI to use in designing campaigns, education resources and other interventions specific to target industries.

A brand and visual identity is being applied to website and collateral design. The communications strategy positions the NWI within the mental health ‘space’ defining what it is and how it can help. A vision for mentally healthy workplaces is being tested with target audiences using traditional and pretotyping approaches.

Ellis Jones will support implementation over the next three years.