Enabling Oho to build a safer community for all vulnerable people.

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Oho (formerly named Duty of Care), originated because a sexual abuse survivor wanted to protect others. A technology business, Oho enables organisations to continuously monitor the accreditations – such as working with children checks – of their workers and volunteers. To better position Oho to carry out their mission, Ellis Jones’ social impact, communications and design teams helped them rename their company, update their branding, create a new website and launch a marketing plan to strengthen their presence and ultimately, make Australia safer.


By bringing a multi-disciplinary approach of social impact, communications and design, Ellis Jones unpacked research findings and guided Oho through a series of creative workshops to ensure purpose and strategy was embedded within the Oho rebranding process.

Throughout the project, Ellis Jones:

  • Conducted company research, perception research, a market review and a digital review (keywords, SEO, platforms) to understand the perceptions of child safety and Oho’s market presence.
  • Completed customer empathy mapping, user journey mapping and user persona development to better understand key customer groups/target audiences.
  • Undertook a brand identity and naming project integral to  Oho’s strategic thinking which would be relevant, distinct and meaningful to all target audiences.
  • Completed UX research, and gave direction for implementing the consumer-facing brand into the existing product platform.
  • Developed a unique visual identity system, to position the business beyond a simple tech platform, highlighting the purpose and human connection.


Since starting the journey with Oho in November 2020, Ellis Jones has delivered a range of outputs to better position Oho in building a safer community for all vulnerable people. These outputs have been listed below.

  • Design and led a creative process with the executive leadership to ideate and select the new name; Oho, and then build a toolkit of elements with which to activate the brand across all channels, from trade shows to phone screens and everything in between.
  • Built a revamped website to hero the user and align the digital experience with Oho’s strategic direction.
  • Developed a marketing strategy that included corporate comms, media relations, industry engagement, advertising and content marketing to help attract ~500 online enquiries/leads from priority sectors such as disability services.
  • Defined a cycle of content for their channels (including their website and social media channels) such as blogs and videos to achieve their business and marketing goals over a 12-month period.

With a memorable rebrand, unique visual identity and engaging marketing plan well aligned to Oho’s mission, Oho relaunched to market in early 2021.