The Women’s Hospital is more than a hospital, it’s home to some of Victoria’s most valuable staff.

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The Women’s Hospital is iconic. It’s more than a hospital; it represents Victoria’s commitment and care for women and children. The Women’s Hospital doesn’t have a challenge recruiting nurses. However, recruitment of other roles, such as clerical, administration and technical roles, and retention of staff in these roles, presented a challenge.


Ellis Jones worked with each employee group at The Women’s to understand how their work connected with the achievements of the hospital.

Through them, we articulated the purpose of the institution and helped evolve its brand identity.

This positioning was brought to life through a visual campaign that builds engagement across all employee teams, clearing communicating that their ‘work is powerful’.

It also attracts the ideal candidates to apply for roles at The Women’s and says to the thousands of patients that pass through the doors annually – they are in passionate, expert hands.

We applied purpose themes in a recruitment marketing/ attraction strategy, building out the creative approach through the use of stories, authentic imagery and devices (visual references), such as staff card lanyards – emblems of belonging that every employee shared.


The campaign was internally implemented with satisfaction and engagement generated after execution, and positive feedback received from all staff.

The campaign was further executed in alignment with the new organisational strategic plan to create ‘exceptional hospital experiences.