Mobilising Australians who support refugee migration to say, en masse, “Welcome”.

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In September 2015, the Australian federal government announced it would accept 12,000 refugees affected by conflict in Syria and Iraq. The successful settlement of refugees in a new country is a complex process that relies on multiple agencies across government, welfare organisations and the private sector.

Community Hubs supports and mentors families as they get to know their local neighbourhoods. Its work is vital in connecting refugees and communities as they maintain and build cohesion.


#Welcome was a social mobilisation campaign running alongside the refugee settlement process. It engaged well-known and everyday Australians to send a message of welcome, via an online platform. Corporate, social sector organisations and local governments also received briefing packs with an opportunity to participate. Media representatives were engaged to tell the story.

Ellis Jones worked with Community Hubs to:

  • Develop the campaign and program logic, based on a set of behavioural insights and research conducted on attitudes to refugees in Australia.
  • Identify and introduce key partners (e.g. National Australia Bank).
  • Design the campaign visual identity (branding) and all creative assets.
  • Design and develop a digital user experience and web application.
  • Conduct media relations and stakeholder engagement.

Our design studio also re-designed the Community Hubs logo.


The #Welcome website hosts a collection of messages and images from Australian #Welcomers. These were printed and placed on the walls of community hubs in local communities, directly connecting refugees with the welcome message.

#Welcomers were invited to send a message in their own language, emphasising to newcomers that Australia is a multicultural country and home to many migrants who have their own stories of settlement. Refugees are welcome, and not alone.

The campaign enabled Australians who feel strongly about welcoming refugees to send support and make a donation to Community Hubs activities. The campaign strategy coordinated activities with those of the government.