In a competitive, provider landscape, who better than a smaller disruptor business to embrace a little humanity?

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West Coast Homecare is a provider of in-home and community aged care and disability support services on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia.

Aged and disability service brands are often clinical, corporate, inoffensive. This is not without good reason. Families trust their nearest and dearest with staff, to meet their medical, emotional and functional needs. Providers need to establish trust from the outset. That said, in a clinical, tacit competitive landscape, who better than a smaller disruptor business to embrace a little humanity? To get their hands dirty, and deal with the realities of daily life and care provision. Enter not-for-profit care provider West Coast Homecare.


The premise for the visual identity was straightforward. Put people, and the human approach at the centre of the identity. This was manifest through an expansive experimentation and mark-making phase by the entire design team. Brush, ink, block printing, cut paper and collage were used to build a bank of gestural, energetic graphic references. The logotype focused this process to a simple, playful combination of cut paper type, and a brushed flower.

Super display typography is set in a custom brushed typeface, created specifically for the project.

Playing against this visual expression is a considered, structured supporting system of layout and typography. The colour palette is focused, and draws in the central blue colour from the organisation’s previous visual identity, harnessing a decade of equity.


In application, the broad range of content and formats allows the identity to come to life. From base corporate livery, through to vehicles, signage, uniforms and digital platforms, the handmade, human character of this visual identity sings through.  The identity is dramatically differentiated in market, and succinctly expresses the unique value proposition of the provider, to a local and geographically remote community.