Originators of truly unique ideas, concepts and experiences, artists, arts companies and the places in which they present help us understand the world, change the decisions we make and improve our health and wellbeing. Our great cultural institutions commission and share work, act as gateways to knowledge and, increasingly, play a role in driving city economies.

Arts and culture: for the art of connection and impact

With over a decade’s experience working with artists, globally recognised arts brands, major public institutions and governments, we understand the artistic, funding and renewal cycles that shape organisations and culture. This deep knowledge is vivid in our work.

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Inspiring and original, the Arts can improve our understanding of the world, change the decisions we make and improve our health and wellbeing. Art builds community pride and identity, encourages participation and creates an inclusive culture. It establishes a sense of place, while defining the nation’s creative capitals and liveable cities.


As public funding is redirected, the emphasis is increasingly on commercial business models and the philanthropic sector to provide support. We have built a network of relationships with philanthropy. We work with arts and cultural organisations to define and express big ideas worth funding.

Cultural institutions

From major public galleries, arts centres, museums and libraries to community multicultural centres, public spaces and conference event halls, major institutions define our city: our cultural and place identity, our values and our claim to society. Through strategy, communication, place and organisation branding – we establish benchmarks and drive participation.

Local government

In different states, from regional centres to capital cities, we have worked with local governments to engage communities, co-design programs, reposition libraries, establish place identity, and train local businesses and artists.

What our clients say

“The commitment that the Ellis Jones team shows is outstanding, bringing structure, evidence-based reporting and professionalism to each marketing initiative at a national and local level. They have proven themselves to be market-leaders and a great support to the Just Better Care marketing department.”

Alison Chandler, Just Better Care