As technology, markets and people speed up, governments – deliberate and careful by nature – must find ways to innovate and keep pace. Interventions need to create real impact, for real people. Listening, understanding, measuring and communicating effectively means they do, and it shows.

Government: communications and behaviour change for positive impact

Ellis Jones understands the formal and informal processes government. Our experience comprises work with political and administrative leaders in local, capital city, state and federal government. We speak the language of government; we know the implications of decisions and approaches.

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Government campaigns

People cannot access government services if they don’t know about them. They won’t act to solve complex social issues, if they can‘t understand policy, or the vision for the future it delivers. They don’t change their behaviours without emotional and functional reasons to do so. Ellis Jones delivers government campaigns for awareness, to promote services, policy and behaviour change that move people.  And, we measure and report on impact.

Community consultation

Using well-established research and innovation methods, including those endorsed by government, we design and implement community engagement programs. Navigating sensitive themes and relationship dynamics, our facilitation and engagement are conducted across all abilities, ages, cultures and facets of the community. We gain deep understandings of individuals and context, we listen, and we build confident findings, relationships and actionable insights as a result.

Stakeholder engagement

We develop workshops and powerful co-design sessions that allow diversity to flourish and reveal important common values. Our programs are hosted at the highest levels of government and industry. We cultivate understanding and meaningful engagement that transforms unity and motivation revealing insights and building relationships to contain risk and enable positive change.

Government policy communications

We  assist in the research, co-design, writing, design and layout of policy statements, often in complex stakeholder environments. We develop strategies to communicate and extend the reach or acceptance of policies and programs. We understand that federal, state and local government require different research and communications to create impact.

What our clients say

“We have been working with Ellis Jones for the past four months on a very important event campaign. It has been a pleasure working with David and the team – they are highly professional, efficient and no request is ever too small or big. Many thanks for your excellent work and taking our event to the next level.”

Madeleine La Ferla, ARENA