Encouraging paramedics to think before they post.

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Ambulance Victoria staff respond to more than 840,000 emergency and non-emergency cases, and transport more than 660,000 patients by road or air each year.

With social media well entrenched as a communication platform for staff in their professional and personal lives, Ambulance Victoria needed to ensure, across the organisation, its people were aware of the risks and opportunities for social media use in its particular community and health context.


The ‘Think Before You Post’ campaign portrayed the risks and contexts for social media use, using a clever graphical approach with a clear message. Visually, the creative married common social media visual identity and shapes with that used across Ambulance Victoria materials. The campaign concept was expressed across posters, post cards and a video.

After completing research across regional and urban areas, the Ellis Jones digital communication team produced a social media policy, internal communication materials and an implementation strategy. The video was delivered using the eLearning system, ensuring staff engagement was monitored.


The campaign was effectively executed, receiving positive feedback and buy-in from managers across the group. Ambulance Victoria achieved 100% engagement from staff with the campaign. No major social media incidents were recorded in the year following the campaign.

We were subsequently contracted to complete another supporting video.



engagement from staff with the campaign.