Buildings present one of our biggest opportunities to minimise energy usage. One organisation is helping businesses do it.

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Better Building Finance (BBF), is a project of the Sustainable Australia Fund working in collaboration with local councils, facilitating environmental finance for Victorian business and building owners to implement practical solutions to improve the environmental impact of their operations.

Better Building Finance (BBF) enlisted Ellis Jones to create a comprehensive new website that was simple to navigate and meets the needs of a broad range of user groups.


Ellis Jones employed the design team’s experience and skill to cover three key elements of the project;

  • An in-depth analysis was conducted of the existing BBF website and market competitors, to establish benchmarks for content and user interface.
  • Interviewing key BBF stakeholders and built personas to map user journeys, providing a comprehensive understanding of different user needs.
  • Heat-mapping the previous website revealed points of greater interest and traffic. Our investigation informed the direction of a revised site architecture and user interface.

It was important that the visual language conveyed a sense of the physicality of the built environment, but also technological innovation, without reverting to the clichéd aesthetic of renewable energy; solar panels, the sun and green fields. To do this, the concept of ‘building blocks’ was developed, and representative visuals were created by using geometric assemblies of props, in colourful, purpose-built sets. This photography, combined with a clean and contemporary typographic approach, ensured a differentiated and fresh visual identity for the Better Building Finance website and communications.


The BBF website now has a strong, differentiated visual identity, contains engaging, digestible content and communicates a clear value proposition. Ellis Jones are continuing to work with BBF, continuously improving the website capabilities and rolling out the visual direction across other digital and physical brand touchpoints.