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The Karrkad Kanjdji Trust (KKT) brings together Indigenous ranger groups, communities and philanthropists to address some of our nation’s most pressing issues. These include regenerating our natural environment, taking action on climate change, creating meaningful and equal employment opportunities, and supporting the continuation of the world’s oldest living culture.

KKT performs sophisticated, specialised work, led by a credentialled team who excel in supporting Indigenous communities, and facilitating connection with deep culture of Country. The work is an intentional and methodical weaving of many strands, stories, songlines, skills, people and places to create an impact – both locally and globally. 

Historically, KKT achieved this by leveraging key brand elements in its fundraising efforts. The trust always had the capacity to generate powerful, emotive content.

However, the tools to bring this content to market were nebulous and not entirely fit-for-purpose. The existing brand activation heavily relied on customised design processes and outputs, which varied from piece to piece, and context to context. Some rigour was required to ensure the brand was usable in communicating to any potential philanthropic audience.

This extended to the digital user experience, and the redevelopment of KKT’s online presence. The existing website functioned effectively as a broad showcase of the trust’s work, and as a simple donation platform. In our UX discovery sessions with KKT, it was clear that the depth of content streams was limited, and difficult to update and maintain.


Our work on brand hinged on a revised strategic brand document, distilled from a comprehensive review of existing brand expression and collateral, discussions with the core KKT team, and a brand workshop involving friends of the organisation and partners. KKT is Aboriginal-led, founded by Traditional Owners and will always be led by the ambitions and aspirations of these communities. Our work has ensured that these needs can be more easily met with a commensurate philanthropic resource through the streamlining of digital and physical communication channels.


The design solution involved:

  • Developing a ‘Beta’ strategic core brand identity
  • Creating a brand/visual toolkit, streamlining the brand language, and making it usable, coherent and lively
  • Mapping a staged approach to website renewal with KKT, which employed modular, accessible user interface (UI) design
  • Allowing for a natural evolution of the KKT brand in the digital environment, leveraging on what makes it unique and ownable
  • Streamlining the technical specification, and development management process.

KKT’s refreshed brand and new website launched in mid-2023, bringing their refreshed brand identity to life through dynamic motion, bold colour, and expressive interaction design. A modular design toolkit, and purpose-built CMS allows site and content owners to build out new content, case studies and news stories with no external development support.

The website structure now accommodates both casual visitors and larger philanthropic partners by summarising the main content areas and also offering easy navigation into specific categories. At its heart, the new KKT website delivers a through-line that connects philanthropic and Indigenous partners to Country.

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A series of KKT-branded print layouts, including A4 pages, postcards and business cards.
Three KKT logo variations. One features the woven heart with the full brand name, the second features the woven heart and the 'KKT' acronym and the final features the woven heart by itself.
Five colour swatches with the names and colour values for each colour: Sun (a vibrant yellow), fire (a bright orange), sand (a deep beige), eucalyptus (a faded green) and stone (a light pink).
A grid layout of nine pages from the KKT website, as displayed on a desktop computer. Featured screens include the homepage, menu and news articles.
A close-up shot of two phones displaying different sections of the KKT homepage.
A tiled layout of various KKT-branded social media images.

Karrkad Kanji Trust - Fire and Culture