Our social impact agenda

Our Social Impact Agenda sets out how we use our assets – our people, knowledge, networks and expertise – to create sustainable social and financial outcomes.

We do this by working with clients who share our vision and by taking steps, day by day, to integrate sustainable, healthy practices within our agency. Like many of you, we too are on a journey.

A multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists and communicators, we listen, explore, connect, educate, create and measure. Together we create impact in four main domains.

Below, we share the clients we work with in each impact area:

Cohesive communities

  • Increase meaningful social connections (Lake Mac Libraries)
  • Increase access to services and facilities for vulnerable communities (General Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust)
  • Design, manage and encourage cross-sector partnerships to address social issues (Bupa)
  • Grow Australia’s shared value community and practices (Shared Value Project)

Healthy people

  • Increase knowledge and awareness around healthy behaviours and choices (Beyond Blue; Vic Health)
  • Facilitate active participation in healthy behaviours (Impromy (Probiotec) and Just Better Care)
  • Create environments that promote healthy behaviours

Sustainable environments

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable practices (City of Yarra)
  • Encourage behaviour change to create more sustainable environments (Victorian Government)
  • Create environment that promotes environmentally sustainable behaviours (City of Melbourne)
  • Mobilise business, government and communities to increase sustainable consumption (Commonwealth Government)

Resilient, inclusive economies

  • Support industry to develop the skills they need to adapt to changing economic needs (Future Energy Skills)
  • Develop and implement plans to build inclusive supply chains and partnerships (Opal Aged Care)
  • Increase meaningful and sustained employment (The Women’s Hospital)
  • Empower communities to take control of their consumption and their finances (Victorian Government)

Talk to us about framing, measuring and reporting on social and environmental impact.