Our social impact agenda

Our Social Impact Agenda sets out how we use our assets – our people, knowledge, networks and expertise – to create sustainable social and financial outcomes.

We do this by working with clients who share our vision and by taking steps, day by day, to integrate sustainable, healthy practices within our agency. Like many of you, we too are on a journey. A multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists and communicators, we listen, explore, connect, educate, create and measure.

Together we work with clients to create impact in four main domains. This year we are also working to align our internal framework to our social impact agenda (more on that later). Outlined below are examples of how and where we work, to create shared value.

Cohesive communities

Healthy people

Sustainable environments

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable practices (City of Yarra)
  • Encourage behaviour change to create more sustainable environments (DELWP)
  • Create environment that promotes environmentally sustainable behaviours (Department of Premier and Cabinet, Solar Victoria)
  • Mobilise business, government and communities to increase sustainable consumption (Department of Environment and Energy)

Resilient, inclusive economies

Talk to us about framing, measuring and reporting on social and environmental impact.