CASE STUDY: Ellis Jones developed a two-tiered approach to raise brand awareness for AcceleDent via online advertising campaigns.

Ellis Jones  •  Friday March 7, 2014
Health & Ageing  •  Marketing & PR


AcceleDent® Aura is a relatively new orthodontic accessory that is used to reduce the amount of time required for wearing braces. The device uses soft-pulse technology to speed up bone remodelling and accelerates tooth movement which means braces come off faster than time prescribed by an orthodontist.


The challenge was to raise brand awareness of AcceleDent in the Australian orthodontic market and amongst the general braces-wearing public. Raising consumer awareness of the product would in turn encourage AcceleDent product requests and orders.


Ellis Jones was engaged to develop an approach to market development and roll-out an online advertising campaign. We provided a path of action and ran the first month of the online advertising campaigns. The project was approached in two stages; market readiness and consumer mobilisation which would overlap at the right time, allowing the online advertising campaign to research consumers just as the support of orthodontists was secured. 

  • Stage One – Market readiness;  this stage comprised of an assessment of current attitudes towards AcceleDent and channel partner readiness. Industry network analysis was used to generate ‘buy in’ from these ‘channel partners’, in order to mobilise them to recommend or pass on accurate and positive key messages to consumers about the product.
  • Stage two – Consumer Mobilisation;  using marketing materials, traditional PR, both Facebook ad and Google AdWords campaigns in a targeted fashion, this stage aimed to generate awareness and drive consumers to ask their dentist or orthodontist about the product.


Facebook and Google AdWords online advertising campaigns achieved the following targets:

Facebook advertising campaign:

  • Ads reached 31,361 targeted Facebook users
  • Ads clicked on a combined number of 650 times through Facebook
  • Website clicked on via ads 639 times
  • Impressions: 128,819 across Google display (in-page advertising) and search networks
  • Average ad position 3.6 on Google searches (up 1.3 since previous report)

Google Adwords campaign:

  • Ads clicked on 384 times
  • 128,819 impressions across Google display (in-page advertising) and search networks
  • Average ad position 1.1 on Display Networks
  • Average ad position 3.6 on Google searches

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